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DNS resolver DNS resolver, supporting IPv4, IPv6 and hostname inputs, most DNS query types including experimental ones.

DNS resolver
IPv4/IPv6 CIDR calculator A rare IPv4 and IPv6 compatible CIDR calculator.
Support calculating CIDR for IPv4-to-IPv6 mapped addresses, IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4/IPv6 CIDR calculator
Ip range to CIDR Its a very small calculator but powerfull, indeed.
It accepts octect IPs, numerical representation of IPs or a mix between them and it will return combined network segments when possible:
Returns - -

Ip range to CIDR calculator
Ip to Country ACLs Ip to Country ACLs is able to create a country ip range based - access control list.
It support Apache, Bind9, Iptables and Postfix ACLs.
Its possible to specify incoming/outgoing¹ connections, allowed/denied¹ and you can even name¹ it.

Ip to Country ACLs
¹ if allowed by the selected software