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{article/topic_title} DNS resolver

Posted by Nano on (2161 views)
A DNS resolver has also joined our networking tools family. Support most DNS query types, soon to be expanded! Give our DNS resolver a try. Contact us for any question or issue you may have.
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{article/topic_title} IPv4/IPv6 CIDR calculator

Posted by Nano on (2334 views)
As IPv6 is coming closer we decided to add to our tools an IPv4/IPv6 CIDR calculator. It also support IPv4-to-IPv6 mapped ip addresses. IPv4 IPv6 CIDR calculator
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{article/topic_title} IpToCountry goes crazy

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (2520 views)
Our IpToCountry ACLs will not stop surprising you! Today our networking tool supports Apache htaccess, Bind 9, Iptables and Postfix compatible ACLs.
  • Apache: allow, deny country CIDR
  • Bind: country CIDR ACL
  • Iptables country CIDR ACCEPT - DROP, source - destination
  • Postfix country CIDR OK - REJECT (cidr_table)
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{article/topic_title} Networking Tools

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (2502 views)
We have created few networking tools hard to found, if impossible, in internet. As of today we are able to offer an ip range to CIDR converter and iptables kernel firewall rules to -j DROP by country. Please use our forums for any issue or request.